Friday, June 12, 2015

Kayaking at Janes Island State Park in Maryland

These images are all from our four day mini-vacation/kayaking trip to Janes Island Sate Park in Maryland with a side trip to Chincoteague and Assateague Virginia. We went with two of the boys, Rob and Russ. Jon didn't feel like going with us for this trip. We left Monday morning and got home Thursday afternoon. It was a lovely break for us. All of the images were taken with my new Olympus TG4 waterproof camera. It is a nice compact waterproof camera that I can take out on the water with me and not have to worry about. Not the best quality images but they are definitely passable.

This is our little cabin in the woods and that is our kayak trailer. The cabin was quite "rustic".

Rob and Mark bringing in some firewood onto the porch. We planned to use the firepit for roasting some hotdogs and making s'mores at some point during our trip.

This is the dock area of Janes Island State Park. This is where we launch our kayaks.

At the park you can always rent kayaks if you do not have your own.

Another view from the docks.

We came here to kayak the water trails. This is looking west toward the start of the yellow trail.

This is looking south toward the town of Crisfield MD.

Looking straight across from the docks is the start of the Yellow trail. All the water trails can be reached via the yellow trail to the red trail. We decided to take the yellow and red trails since high tide was very early in the morning and those trails are navigable even at low tide.

 Russ is ready to head out.

Rob on the yellow trail.

An Osprey sitting atop a pole on the yellow trail. The Olympus TG4 is not great for wildlife shots but since it is waterproof and lightweight when kayaking it is the perfect companion.

After a couple of miles paddling we reached the beach on Janes Island. We stopped here to stretch our legs and explore a little.

We hiked over to the Tangier Sound side of the Island. The brown trail goes entirely around the island and is about 12 miles. We hope to attempt that one tomorrow if the wind is calm. The wind was pretty strong today so taking the yellow trail was challenge enough especially since I've been suffering a sore elbow.

The beach on Tangier Sound is lovely. There was no one else around.

Looking back toward the dunes.

Some driftwood. This driftwood photo will come in handy in next weeks blog entry.

Time to get ready to leave the beach and continue on the yellow trail to pick up the red trail. My kayak is the red one.

Rafting up to consult the map of the trails.

Russ turned out to be the best navigator. He has an uncanny sense of direction and is just good at it.

Still consulting the map. Russ of course was right all

This is the track for the yellow and red trail that we took on the first Janes Island paddle Tuesday. It was approximately 4.42 Nautical Miles. Map courtesy of Google Earth.