Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kayaking Janes Island Part 2: Chincoteague/Assateague Side Trip

Continuing with images from our 4 day mini-vacation at Janes Island MD. After our first paddle on the yellow trail we took a drive over to Chincoteague and Assateague Islands Wildlife Preserve in Virginia. Chincoteague Island is a very quaint place and the Wildlife Preserve itself is a gem. We only made a quick car tour of it as it was late in the day. We decided that we will return for a longer stay some time in the future. Chincoteague is well known for it's wild ponies. We only saw a few off the highway and they were at a great distance down in a marsh so I didn't manage any photos of them, however just as they came into view the song that started to play on the radio was The Stones "Wild Horses"! I kid you not! (All images were shot with an Olympus TG4.)

Of course me being a lighthouse addict I just had to stop at Assateague Light! It is quite a lovely lighthouse and it is still a working navigational maintained by the US Coast Guard. It was past 3PM when we got there so it was not open to the public when we were there so we didn't climb it. I have seen that you can tour the Island Refuge by kayak so it would be wonderful see it from the water when we get back there.

The beaches are so lovely!

Being still "off season" and so late in the day, the beaches were pretty empty.

The sand was that lovely soft sand which is such a pleasure to walk on in bare feet.

Chincoteague is well known for it's Wild Ponies but these "Chincoteague Ducks" are well known, well loved and protected in the local community. Not to mention just adorable!

They put on a little parade for us.

The babies are quite grown now but still cute.

Papa duck stops traffic so they can cross. It was so funny to watch.

Papa stayed there until the last ones were safely across the street. Some of the people in their vehicles were not so happy to see them as they had to wait quite a long time for them to all finish crossing. It is a serious offense to not stop for the ducks. The people of Chincoteague take protecting their ducks very seriously! 

The wharf in downtown Chincoteague. Such a quant place!

Another view of the waterfront.

Get that fire going Rob!

After our little side trip to Chincoteague and Assateague we headed back to our cabin in Janes Island to roast hot-dogs over an open fire and make s'mores. I have hot-dogs maybe once a year so that was it for me. I've never had s'mores before oddly enough. I'm not a fan of marshmallows and while they were very tasty one was enough for me! It was just wonderful to spend a quiet evening sitting around the open fire on the water's edge watching the fireflies in the marsh across Daugherty creek canal.