Saturday, October 01, 2016

Short Ride on the Columbia Trail

Some cows in a pasture about 7 miles into our ride.

Another view of the pasture.

Oooh more cows. Moooooo!

This is probably the biggest road we had to cross on the part of the trail we rode.

Crosswalk for the trail.

"Busy" road??? Willow Grove Clydesdale horse farm is just a bit up on the right...but we saw no horses out today.

I wonder if the farmer planted any fall crops or just plowed the field under?

I use the app "Road Bike Pro" by "Runtastic" to track my rides.

A couple weeks ago we rode about 10 miles of the Columbia Trail in Hunterdon County NJ, 21.2 miles round trip. Mark was not feeling 100% so we cut the ride a little bit short this time. We hope to go again, perhaps tomorrow, if the weather improves.

The Columbia Trail is a Rail Trail. It is an old railroad bed that is very well maintained due to the Columbia Gas Pipeline was installed there in the 1990's. The gas company makes sure that access is never a problem for them if they need to make repairs or do general maintenance and as a result it is a fantastic and very popular multi-use trail.

We picked up the trail in High Bridge and rode to Washington Twp. before turning around. This part of the trail runs high above Ken Lockwood Gorge which has been one of my go to photo spots over the years. It was a little dark to take photos of the gorge from above with my TG-4. I may have to consider taking my bigger gear next time. I will definitely go back as the leaves change this fall, although the reports are saying that due to the dry summer the fall colors may be a bit dull. Once the leaves are off the trees there may be some interesting views.

We only stopped twice for me to grab a few photos and these are all of them. After our ride we walked into the town of High Bridge. I am hoping we can get back there this weekend perhaps tomorrow if the weather improves. It has been a moist few days and we do need the rain so I won't complain too much.