About Me

It's been a while since I updated my website so I suppose it is time. I should update my "About Me" page. Well I'm married to Mark since 1984 years and am the mom to three adult children, all of them boys err...men. I am looking forward to retirement now that we no longer have college tuitions to pay...yay!!!

Me with our 12 ft. Perception Carolina kayaks.

Mark with our 12 ft. Perception Carolina kayaks.

This is my 15.5 ft. Wilderness Systems Zephyr sea touring kayak. I call her Zoe and she's very lively, quick and nimble.

We kayak as a family quite often. We bought a trailer this year so we won't have to load them on the car-tops.

We started to ride bikes again. We do a lot of rail trails and love to ride in Lewes and Cape Henlopen De.

Some of the images posted, a lot of the images posted will be from some of our kayaking and biking excursions.

This site was actually started back in 2006 but the oldest posts and pictures are no longer included. The reason being is that I decided to give up my server space due to ever increasing costs. Instead all my images are now hosted on Google. I suppose I could upload the older images to Google but I am too busy lazy to do it. Maybe I will eventually get around to re-posting some of my personal favorites.